Thursday, March 23, 2017

Oh Happy Day

There's nothing like a great day in the classroom to erase any bad feelings swirling around from a not so stellar yesterday.  Today was that day.

The student who was such a...12 year-old yesterday was a softer version today.  Sure he was still testing the rules with the sweatband he wore but he the snarl that was so prominent yesterday was packed far away.

We reviewed types of conflict today.  Thanks to my awesome colleague, who has done most of the work on the current unit, we zipped through external and internal conflict with smiles on our faces and nods of "yep, I got this!"  Not only did my colleague's Google slide presentation include a video insert, it ended with a round of Kahoot!

My students were shocked, impressed and excited about the lesson.

As my co-teacher Starr told me late this afternoon, "You blew Matthew away.  He had no idea you could ever play Kahoot in English."

Those kids better hold on tight.  My awesome colleague tells me the setting presentation is even better!

GeoGuesser anyone?

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