Friday, March 3, 2017

Driving Into the Night

Checking in from 80W-

The road is dark and long tonight.  I left work about 1:00 pm and headed 90 miles north up 95 to my sister’s house.  From there the two of us loaded a few bags in the car and commenced our 250-mile journey across Pennsylvania.  Our destination is the small town of Meadville, PA- home of Allegheny College.

Our purpose? We’re on our way to see her daughter (my niece) in her directorial debut.   We’ve been in the car for about four hours now, and as I glance at my Waze app I see we have yet one more hour to go on this tedious journey.  We’ve powered up and down the hills of PA in a race with a few cars and many a 16-wheeler.  I’m up late for a Friday night.  My morning started at 5:00 this morning.  As far as I can tell it will be about 11:30 before I see my bed at Meadville’s Hampton Inn.  My eyes droop and I yawn with anticipation of putting this day and myself to rest.


  1. I could feel my eyes getting heavy on this one - you described the lull of a late night road trip perfectly! (Hope there were Slim Jims!)

  2. Good luck to her! Hope you enjoyed your time on the road. :)