Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Back in 6th Grade

New seats, new seats, new seats!  Everyone was so happy about getting a new seat and a new writing partner today.  It's funny- as I moved through the classroom I saw bursts of joy as students realized who they had been partnered with.  Trying to remember myself at that age I could barely remember anything about my own sixth grade classroom, and then I remembered Brook Boyle.

Brook was the goofy kid at my table.  I was quiet and definitely a rule follower.  There were many days when I cringed thinking we were surely going to get in trouble because of him and his classroom antics.  Thinking about him over 40 years later I didn't remember any specific trouble that our table got in.  In fact, I remembered very little about 6th grade.

I do remember:
~Not being able to spell probably and wondering why my teacher would only tell me it was wrong instead of telling me how it should be spelled
~Making something with Plaster of Paris- probably some sort of fossil mold
~Not being chosen for a special weekend surprise the teacher gave her top 4 students (apparently I was the alternate)
~The red bell-bottom pants I wore on the first day of school

Then I remembered one other thing about Brook Boyle.  He had the coolest little blue "Frito Bandito" eraser.  He didn't have it for long though.  Our table got caught playing around with the little blue guy and without much fanfare that little eraser found its way into the hands of our first year teacher, Mrs. Austin.


  1. My seventh graders will be greeted with a new seating chart and new writing partners for our next unit tomorrow, so this was a very timely slice for me to read! I love how you wove together moments from your present with moments from your past. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your slice made me think about my sixth grade year and I could only remember SRA reading and it was all about what "color" you were on as a reader. I do remember bell-bottoms. It's funny with what we do or don't remember. Enjoyed your slice!

  3. I teach 6th grade and there is no better way to stir up excitement, drama, and mayhem than a new seating chart! I love how they find such joy in the small things. I enjoyed your slice! :)

  4. Isn't it funny? As a teacher, I think everything we do is SO. IMPORTANT. But to see what you actually remember really puts it into perspective! Love this walk down your memory lane!