Saturday, March 11, 2017


There's been a lot of talk of an upcoming snowstorm in the DC area over the last 24 hours.  This snow day-starved teacher is trying her best to not get wrapped up in the hype.

I gotta tell you that's really hard when a few of my colleagues are continually texting me the latest weather updates.  At one point yesterday the science teacher ran into my classroom to show me the latest weather reports on her iPad.  My English students got excited real quick.

I tried my best to quell the excitement by pleading with them- "It won't happen if we keep talking about it!"

I'm superstitious in that respect.  As long as I've been teaching I've learned to never count on a snow day.  I always make sure that my room is ready for the next day, no matter what the forecast says.

My sixth graders have other plans.  They'll be wearing their pajamas inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet.

I hope their plans work.


  1. Remind them to put spoons under their pillows. That's a new one that my daughter-in-law taught me! Just checked the forecast since I have kids in VA - snow is forecast for Tues. & Wed. Fingers crossed for you guys (unless that brings bad luck). Be sure you clean your room and leave any work that needs to be done at school!

  2. I hear ya! I live just west of Philadelphia, and the snow hype is starting here too. We had about 4 inches of snow yesterday. It began just as I arrived at school and last all day. It seemed like every other minute one of my 7th graders was asking me if I thought we were going to get out early. Nope!

  3. I'm snow-day-starved too. But, like you, I believe in being prepared for a normal day of teaching....A snow day will never happen if you depend on it happening. :-) ~JudyK

  4. I used to be superstitious too! Now I am trying to embrace saying everything out loud, with the hopes that putting it into the universe will manifest it. Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Hey, tell your students to sleep with a spoon under their pillows, too! ENJOY!

  6. Yes, the pj thing is a fun tradition with my students, too! My best friend's daughter is a freshman away at college now and we still text about this when show is forecast! It makes me smile!