Sunday, March 5, 2017

Big Finish

After a long weekend away it feels good to be home.  Lucky for me I have a friend staying with me for the next two days.  Having friends in the house is always fun, but imagine the added pleasure when I found out that dinner was being "handled" by my houseguest who had already arrived.

After a long day on the road I walked in the door at about 6:45 with a mental list of things to accomplish before my usual 9:30 pm bedtime.  There dinner smells warmed up the air as I pushed my way into the house.  

In no time at all we were all settled at the table enjoying a hot meal and some catching up time.

Yes, the perfect way to end an already great weekend.


  1. Always fun to come home and discover that someone else has begun supper preparations. Enjoy

  2. That is awesome! Glad that the house was warm and dinner was ready for you. I totally could smell the dinner!