Thursday, March 9, 2017

Checked Up

My dentist appointment today makes the fourth different medical professional I've seen in the past 6 weeks. I started off the year with my yearly dental check-up only to discover that I was in need of a crown and a filling.   Ching-Cha-Ching.

Then a few weeks ago I checked in with my orthopedist in hopes of getting some relief for chronic knee pain.  I love my orthopedist.  Dr. M. lays everything right out there and is in general just fun to talk to.  One time we spent about 15 minutes discussing one of my favorite books, In Cold Blood.  From there we talked about Harper Lee and the rumor that Truman Capote wrote To Kill A Mockingbird.  Lucky for me Dr. M. had inside information- he told me Harper Lee stayed at a buddy's parent's house in New York while she wrote the book.  Not that Truman had enough heart to come up with Mockingbird.  He also told me Harper Lee was a gin drinker.

Dr. M. had a knee replacement a year ago so I feel like he's the best person to talk to as I consider replacing my own arthritic knee.  Fortunately, a little shot of cortisone was all this gal needed.  I walked out of the office feeling a little sting from the needle, but otherwise better than I've felt in 6 months.

The next stop was my dermatologist.  I haven't checked in with her in quite awhile, so after she froze a pesky little wart off I promised to come back for a complete skin check in a month.

Earlier this week I checked in with my optometrist.  Dr. L is the best!  She's always cheery.  I think I'm a few years older than her, but we laughed over similar experiences we had while living in group houses in our twenties.  The best thing about the eye doctor is there's no chance of a needle- just a little puff of air while I look at a glowing green light.

I was back at the dentist today.  There were two shots of Lidocaine in my gum before my cavity was attended to.  I also got my new crown.  At the end Dr. G. applied a little Vaseline to my lips and sent me on my way.  

And that's enough doctors for now.  



  1. Your slice reminds me to make an eye and derm appointment! I was comforted by your positive relationships with your docs. That's really important!

  2. It's amazing how fun it is to read about the daily activities that we all do, but may not think of as writing topics. I love this post!

  3. It's nice to have professionals you can count on to patch you up!