Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Holy Voice Control Batman!

It was on Sunday that my TV started blinking update messages.  Xfinity, my cable provider, was telling me to turn to another channel to get information on some sort of equipment update.  Usually I'd ignore these messages in much the same way I've been ignoring my check engine light for the past 4 months.  This time I had a friend staying over- the kind of friend who believes in maintenance and updates.  Intent on not looking like a complete slacker I went ahead and accepted the delivery of the equipment and a self-install kit.  Today I came home to find a sizable box from Xfinity on my doorstep.

As promised there were three new set-top boxes inside- one for each TV in the house.  Okay, so yes, I live alone AND have 3 TVS.  I realize it may seem excessive, but I'll just say I got that tendency from my mother.

Set-up was pretty easy as was pairing the remote.  The new box is a little different.  While I may miss being able to easily check the time on the cable box I think I'll get over it- because...


I mean, I've seen the commercials for Xfinity and knew voice-controlled remotes were out there, but to have one in my very hand is a whole other thing!  Wow!

Sure, my excitement is a little over the top.  But this girl grew up on a black and white set with rabbit ears and aluminum foil.  There were 3 channels on the VHF dial (the big networks) and 2 more on the UHF.  Remote controls didn't exist.  If I wanted to change the channel I could either try to convince my naive baby sister to do it or get myself off the couch (or floor) and do it myself.

This new contraption means I barely have to lift a finger to flip a channel.  A few minutes ago I picked up the remote and commanded my TV to "play the Gilmore Girls."  And there they were- Lorelei and Rory-without much effort on my part.  

--> It's fitting that I decided to watch a rerun of the Gilmore Girls.  After all, they would go crazy for a voice-controlled remote.


  1. Great title! Ain't technology grand!

  2. Kind of interesting that you set up voice controlled TV on the day that it was revealed that the CIA can spy on people through guessed it, voice controlled TV's! But I'm sure they're not spying on you. Right? :)

  3. Mary - I love your tone in this - self-deprecating but sharp. Fun.