Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Paying It Forward

I'm the kind of gal who will buy a new car and then keep driving it until it pretty much can't drive anymore.  The first car I ever owned didn't cost all that much but boy did it take me far.  That little red Ford Escort gave and gave until she couldn't give anymore.  Her final ride involved me coasting her down "Superman Hill" to a nearby junkyard.

Needless to say, I've spent a fair amount of time looking under the hood of my car trying to figure things out when they go wrong.  I learned years ago to keep jumper cables in the trunk and have done my share of asking strangers to help me when confronted with the click of a dead battery.

Today, I finally got to pay it forward.

A neighbor posted her plea for help jumping her car on the community Facebook page.  Responding was a no-brainer and within 10 minutes time her car was up and running and I was back at home getting ready for dinner.


  1. I do the same. I have a practical side that hangs onto things until they are worn out. I do carry cables. If I ever am out of my routine, I tend to leave my lights on.

  2. Down Superman Hill--Here comes Super Woman.

  3. Good for you to assist! I wish I had spent more time paying attention to my dad all of the times he showed me things on the car. Thankfully I'm a good driver (but a lousy mechanic).