Thursday, March 28, 2019

Chemo Thursday

It's chemo Thursday up here in Bel Air.  No worries, readers, my sister and I have been spending chemo time together for over a year now and we know how to bring the fun to the infusion center.  Some may want to make the sad face for chemo, but I think "Yay, chemo!  Get in there and do your work!"

We spend our time creating new Spotify lists, watching old excerpts from SNL, and pretend-buying houses on Zillow.  There's also time to review the hits of the 70s and 80s, reminiscing about bands like Bread, Blondie, and Wild Cherry.

Even better, we get to do this while we munch on Nutter Butter and Oreo cookies and sip on water and Ginger Ale.  And it's all free!  If we're really hungry the fabulous hospital volunteers are more than happy to bring us a sandwich.

Sister Jeen is comfortable in a hospital lounge chair, complete with a warm blanket across her lap and a handmade scarf around her neck.  My chair isn't as comfortable, but since I'm not the patient I think that's just fine.  I have a view of the bright blue skies outside and time to catch up on a little bit of schoolwork.

Two hours later we're out.  Another infusion in the books.


  1. I know chemo can be so tough. You have brought just the right attitude! I'm sure Sister Jeen loves your support. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Appreciating time you get to spend together is a strong and healthy approach to the situation-- I really admire you guys!

  3. I’m glad you make it a happy time. Attitude is everything, alongside a friend.

  4. I agree with Tracey - you both are amazing. What a wonderful sister you are!

  5. Sisters are the best. Your description sums up the undeniable bond perfectly.

  6. Although the reason your sister needs chemo is not good, the chemo helping and your shared time together makes this a feel-good slice! Wishing her strength and a speedy recovery!