Friday, March 29, 2019

Cupcakes Anyone?

Today marks the end of the third quarter.  Even if it wasn't clearly defined on the school calendar I would have figured it out with all the emails I got yesterday asking about extra credit.  The smart ass side of me wants to respond by saying, "Yes!  There is extra credit!  Please bake me 50 perfect red velvet cupcakes and have them on my desk by 8:00AM tomorrow.  If you can rise to that challenge I will gladly raise your grade 2 percentage points."

I don't respond in that way (although I'd really like to), instead, I find myself trying to explain to each student that there were many opportunities to improve their grade throughout the quarter.  Apparently, when those opportunities came up they figured the end of the quarter was very far off and, obviously, they would pull it together soon.  Whaddaya know, before they could say wait, what the quarter was coming to a close.

Some may learn from their errors in procrastination this quarter.  Others may take a few more years or decades to figure it out.  In a way, those kids that are asking for extra credit do have on admirable quality- they really do want to do well in school.  I'll take kind of attitude any day of the week.


  1. Ha Ha! We are on Spring Break and our quarter ends a week from today. I got an email Wednesday from a student asking if I'd put the score in for the assignment he turned in the day before Spring Break started and two weeks late. I told him I hadn't looked at it yet. His reply: "No worries, thanks for the update!" I wasn't worried at all, though I bet he was! As you say, he will figure it out eventually.

  2. *Others may take a few more years or decades to figure it out* Now that's a learning target!

  3. And in the meantime, let's all eat cupcakes!