Sunday, March 31, 2019

Out Like an Angry Lion

What is it they say about March, "in like a lion and out like a lamb?"

The winds gusted today and yesterday's warm temperatures in the high 60s have chilled to the 30s.  Wait, and what is it I see on my always dependable Accuweather app?  "Snow starting in 108 minutes?" I didn't see that coming.

If it does decide to snow I'm afraid I'll have to sleep through it.  Yesterday's cough and cold have ante'd up to a full-blown ear infection.  So, I'm now wrapped up under a down comforter with my electric mattress pad cranked up in hopes of getting the chills out of my body.

Snow?  Ear infections?  Aches and chills?  It sounds to me like a lion is roaring somewhere.


  1. March always seems to do this, go out like a lion. I hope you are soon feeling better and that spring will be invading your place soon.

  2. YIKES! We had some flurries here in the Chicago area yesterday, but sunshine and chilly today. It sounds like you have made the perfect warm spot for fighting your cold! Get well soon.

  3. Oh no - I'm glad you didn't go for that bike ride yesterday. Hope you have the meds and are feeling better soon.

  4. How you can manage to write such beautiful prose under aches and pains is proof of your power. Feel better soon!

  5. The lion is roaring indeed! May you feel better soon!