Saturday, March 30, 2013

Function Over Perfection (For Now)

It seems as though with all that cleaning up I did the other day I went ahead and cleaned up the keys that lock my back door.  There's nothing like spending 30 minutes looking for something to tax one's brain.  Eventually I gave up and came to the conclusion that the keys most likely got thrown out along with a pile of junk mail that I tossed on Thursday morning.

My memory may be lacking at times these days but fortunately I'm still handy with a screwdriver.  After a bit of handy work I was able to dismantle the lock and open the door.  Unfortunately this meant I was also going to need to install a new door lock.  No fear, I thought, I've done it once before so certainly I can do it again.  Right?

Sort of.  After an excursion to the local Home Depot I started in on my project.  For some reason things were not fitting together as easily as they were detailed on the instruction sheet.  I reread all the directions, pulled everything apart, and tried again only to come up short once more.

A few hours later I have been able to jerry-rig a solution.  So for now, the door locks and closes as it should.  I can't say it's a beautiful example of my home fix-it skills, but at least it's functional.

It will do for now and tomorrow I'll try again.


  1. How frustrating it is to "clean up" something you need!

  2. That happens to me every time I clean. That's why I don't do it any more. :)