Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Cleaned Up

There's nothing like the possibility of a parental visit to get things cleaned up in a hurry. 

After speaking with my dad this morning it seemed like having him and my mom spend the night might make it easier for them to get to a doctor's appointment down this way.

It wasn't until I hung up the phone and looked around that I realized I had a little cleaning up to do.  Newspapers were strewn around the living room along with cups, plates and napkins- all a result of one very relaxing day yesterday.  Dishes in the sink needed to find their way to the dishwasher and the trash needed emptying.

Yikes, I thought, I better get busy.

And get busy I did.  Dishes and trash were herded to their proper place.  The vacuum hummed along the carpet, sucking up all those nasty little crumbs that had fallen by the wayside.  The kitchen counters got a quick, but efficient, wipe-down and within a relatively short amount of time the house was ready to welcome visitors-even the parental type. 

In the end, my parents decided it was just as easy to stay home tonight, so they won't get to see how great everything is looking over here. 

That's okay, there's nothing like starting off the week with a fresh, clean look.


  1. I love having company because everyone then has a reason to help me clean.

  2. I always clean best when there are "guests" coming our way!