Monday, March 25, 2013


The big talk around town today was definitely the 2 or 3 inches of snow that blanketed the area overnight.  It was the heavy, wet kind of snow that stuck to the trees, covered most of the grass, but pretty much left the roads alone.  Ironically, the first measurable snowfall in almost 2 years coincided with my first official day of Spring Break.

Not one to worry about a little about snowfall I went on with my plans for the day.  After a quick trip to the gym I headed next door to take care of the second errand of the day- a new spring pedicure.  After a relaxing hour in the spa chair I headed home, happy in my Capri workout pants and flip flops, smiling as the last of the snowflakes hit my fabulous new "Roadhouse Blues" toes.

It looks like we'll have a warm-up by the weekend and I'd say that my feet are ready, and waiting, to show off a bit.


  1. A nice way to beckon spring to come.

  2. My spring break is next week. It's snowing here today, so hopefully it will be far away next week!!!