Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Watching and Waiting

I enjoy checking in on the neighborhood when I take my evening or afternoon stroll.  I like watching the progress of different renovation projects and am always interested in the creative touches that homeowners add to make the residence their own.  Sometimes I even manage a peek in an open window allowing me to check out paint color and kitchen cabinetry.  All snooping is done while walking so no need to worry. I'm no peeping Tom or anything.  Nevertheless, I have noticed a good number of changes on my usual routes over the last few years.

Today as I walked around it wasn't the kitchen lighting and cabinetry that I saw, what I kept seeing was pets.

There were cats of all colors looking out windows.  Maybe they were looking for birds.  I know when I leave in the morning I always open up the curtains in the living room window so my cat can lounge in his window seat all day and watch his "shows."

But then right before I made it back to my house I saw a sad, sad sight.  It was a dog.  He was a fluffy little guy with an adorable face centered in the window.  And wow, did he look concerned.  He was obviously not looking at birds or squirrels or any sort of wildlife.  He was waiting- waiting for that special person to return to him.  It was just about 5:00pm by then so I'm sure he knew it wouldn't be long until he heard the familiar sound of the car engine, followed by the slamming of doors and then finally the jingle of keys in the lock. 

Hurry up people; your pets are at home anxiously awaiting your return.


  1. This is sweet. I've always noticed the cats in my life can predict the moment I will pull up in the driveway, but now you've made me think they were waiting by the window all day long.

  2. One reason I love the return of spring is the the walks around the neighborhood. I love to observe as I go around too. Fun slice!