Thursday, March 28, 2013


The daffodils are up all over the place in my neck of the woods, and although I'm disappointed about the lack of measurable snow once the flowers start to sprout I'm ready to welcome warmer weather and green trees.  Even though the flowers are doing their part to prepare the path for spring the clouds and upper atmosphere have their own agenda.

Yesterday we had snow...again.  It's like the weather gods have some sort of twisted sense of humor- how funny they must think it is to send snow my way on not one, but two days, of my Spring Break.  The weird thing about the latest snow event was what all that cold wetness looked liked as it fell from the sky.

As I drove back home late yesterday afternoon I couldn't help but notice the small white balls that were falling from the sky.  Was it snow?  Was it hail?  If not, what the hail was it?

It was graupel.  Yes, graupel.  Yup, I'd never heard of the stuff either but lucky for me The Weather Channel used the word as a descriptor for the day's weather.

So, maybe it hasn't been the best weather this week- but that will change.  In the meantime I learned a little something new and that's always good.


  1. Thanks for the weather lesson; that was new to me, too! I've loved reading snow stories during this SOLC; we had none of the white stuff this winter in Austin. Afraid we're in for another dry spring and summer. :-(

  2. This reminds me of the derecho. There's nothing like a first-hand experience to strengthen a vocab lesson. Thanks to you, I've got a new one.