Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life in Lutherville...Part 1

To tell you the truth, I had to call my mom this afternoon to clarify where we lived once we left the DC suburbs, and headed north back to Baltimore.  We didn't return to Govans; we moved a little farther out of the city to the Baltimore County town of Lutherville.  We actually lived in three different places in Lutherville- I was stuck on which one we moved to first.

Thanks, Mom, for setting me straight and helping me to understand why I didn't remember all that much about a little rancher on Ridgely Rd.  You see we only lived there about 6 months.  Mom told me it was a rental property and at some point the owner wanted to take the house back.  My parents agreed to vacate the house if they could find someplace to go.

The brick one story house had a large backyard and a long walkway out front that led to the sidewalk.  There was a larger backyard with a gentle slope downward to a hedge of some sort.  When we first moved in we sat on patio furniture in the empty living room. I never thought about why, I only thought how fun it was to be sitting on a beach chair in my own living room.  We Shall Overcome was the song of the moment and I remember hearing it for the first time while sitting on that odd assortment of furniture.

I had started first grade at St. Joseph's, a small Catholic school, not too far away.  We had our first-ever teenage babysitter while living on Ridgely Rd.  She taught me that you can stay up as late as you want with a babysitter, but once you hear the car door slam in the driveway you have to run right to bed and pretend you've been there for a long time.

And then we were gone.  In fact, I remember going to school in the morning from Ridgely Rd. and coming home in the afternoon to a new house about 3 miles down the road on Othoridge Road.


  1. It interesting how certain visual moments from childhood linger in our memories for sitting on patio furniture in the living room.

  2. I love that baby sitter. They don't make them like that any more.

  3. Once my family moved like that, when I got home from school no one was there and all the furniture was gone. I wondered if anyone was coming back for me. Turned out my Grandfather forgot to be at the house to pick me up. Whew, I was relieved.