Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning Tired

With only four days left until the start of Spring Break it's hard to tell who's count down is louder, the students or the teachers.  For the most part everyone is trying his or her best to hold it together until 2:24 on Friday when break officially begins.  My countdown is more about morning wake-ups- for me that is by far the worst part of the day.  I think, and the rest of my body agrees, that 5:anything is way too early to get up.  I really don't know how I've done it for the past 9 years. There is a tiredness that seeps into me this March of year nine making me wonder if it's all caught up to me, which is why I am so dang tired so much of the time. 

No, it's just that time of year.  I'm exhausted but not so spent that I can't remember how I feel right before Spring Break just about every year.  While the kids at school share their vacation plans- many of which begin Thursday or Friday of this week- I dream of sleeping late, puttering around the house and recharging myself so I'm ready to face the last 12 weeks of the year.


  1. I don't love 5:anything, either.

  2. 5 anything is okay with me. It is the long days at work and assessment in March that wears me out. My spring break does not start until 3/28!!! Enjoy yours a few days before mine!